With their high versatility and favourable properties such as low weight, plastics are popular for numerous applications. Today, new technical developments are enabling their use in more and more automotive applications. In 1970, the average amount of plastic used in a vehicle in Western Europe, for example, was 5 % of the total weight, whereas today, plastics account for a minimum of 15 % of a vehicle’s total weight, with an expected increase to 25 % in the medium term.
Plastics are used in interior, exterior and under the hood applications.

The demand for weight reduction is leading to partial or complete replacement of metal parts and inter-materials by plastics. To comply with fuel-saving and CO2 emission targets, manufacturers are developing smaller engines, resulting in more stringent temperature specifications for plastic components such as air ducts and air intake manifolds. Another essential requirement is resistance to the chemicals used in radiators and cooling hoses.

SCAPL’s range of modifiers and additives help in maintaining the properties of engineering plastics subjected to high temperatures under the hood.

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