Geocell G820 are highly effective functional cellulose fibres and powders made from speciality developed process of manufacturing fine fibres. Geocell fibres are available in different particle sizes and lengths. They are extremely pure and are used for a variety of demanding applications.
As an alternative for asbestos, Geocell fibres are used in friction linings, vibration dumping pads for automobiles construction and in road construction like hot bitumen applications or bitumen fillers.
The addition of Geocell fibres in friction material:
 Is generally accepted as a way to improve many aspects of a friction formulation.
 Provides dispersion, anti-settling, pre-form strength and micro porosity to the friction material.
Geocell reinforces green strength, inhibits de-mixing of single components and transports separated water pot of the coating during the hardening process.

1) Cost saving
a) In the formulation , amount
b) In the mixing time
2) Improved Processing
a) Shorter mixing time
b) Better handling
c) Homogenization
3) Improved properties in conjunction with other friction pad components
a) Stabilization and reinforcement of the mix
b) Crack reduction
c) Improved comfort and compressibility

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