Geocell Fibres offer a range of short & long fibres for use in friction industry. These fibres are widely used as reinforcement and process aids (pre-form production) in friction products, gaskets and seals. They are used in the production of two wheel and four wheel light and heavy use brake pads and in some rail products like railway brake blocks and brake pads.

Functionality in friction materials: provides pre-form reinforcement and green strength in non-asbestos formulas. Fiber matrix helps maintain a homogeneous mixture.

On one hand an improved green stability is obtained and on the other hand also a de-mixing prevention effect. Application possibilities of GEOCELL-fibers in friction linings vary from brake linings for motorcycles and cars up to truck brake shoes and pads. Furthermore, GEOCELL can be applied in the production of railway brake shoes and pads.

pdf_bigGeocell G780

pdf_bigGeocell G820

Geowool Data Sheets available upon request. Please contact schems@schems.co.in