We offer our clients with industrial cellulose fibers widely used in the Paint and Coating Industry. These industrial cellulose fibers provide reinforcement and sag resistance to tile grout to enable it to hold its place on vertical surface. Generally used between 2-4 % percent by weight, these cellulose fibers prevent oil migration and increase tensile strength. Moreover, these are also used for cellulose fibre in paint formulations.
Geocell decreases the density, reduces the sheen (undesired gloss effect) and prevents the tendency toward cracking.

Functionality in Paints:
• provides texture
• prevents mud cracking
• reduces slump
• matting agent
• improves dry time.


Textured Paint
Cellulose Fibers are used in textured paint for a variety of reasons. It can provide a fibrous appearance, which is an alternative to the popcorn effect in ceiling paints. It can also provide additional reinforcement to the film that can reduce mud cracking.

Putty Compounds
Pipe Sealant compounds use Cellulose Fibers to produce a putty mastic viscosity.
In paint, coating, sealant and adhesive applications, cellulose fibre is often incorporated as a cost‐effective formulation component to build viscosity in accordance with specific application needs. Typically use level ranges from 1to5 %wt. and is dependent on a number of factors including other formulation components, application needs and end‐use performance requirements.