Road construction is a considerable factor in the infrastructure of any country. Consequently, requirements on the asphalt’s durability, safety and economy rise continuously. In order to meet such high requirements, SCAPL offers innovative solutions.
GEOCELL- cellulose fibers are high quality products offering our customers numerous application possibilities, especially when it comes to overcoming different climatic conditions and convincing durability. Our products are easy to handle and apply, because they are added during the dry premix phase and disperse quickly and homogeneously in the mix.


• High asphalt content mix designs like Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) require careful mixing and placement. In order to prevent the asphalt from draining down over the aggregate, a small percentage of cellulose fibre is used to thicken and stabilize the mix. The cellulose functions by expanding and interlocking to form a matrix that holds the asphalt in place and prevents migration during production, transportation and compaction of the mix.
• Functionality in asphalt coatings and sealers: replaces asbestos, helps control viscosity, improves gel structure, and provides a reinforcement matrix.
• Cellulose fibers are added to mastic of bitumen and filler to provide adequate stability of the bitumen and prevent drainage of the binder during transport. Common use level: <1-2%.