For premium wire and cable products, our additives offer a variety of outstanding properties. Among them are its durability, flexibility through a wide temperature range and excellent moisture resistance. These additives also have unique characteristics for more specialized uses, such as outstanding abrasion resistance and coil-retention for coiled cable products. Further, their formulations can be adjusted by leveraging SCAPL’s expertise in the chemical industry:

Also with new regulations coming up in various countries with regards to flame retardant and halogen free or low halogen cables, it becomes necessary to use high percentage of FR fillers in your cable compounds. However, higher filler content causes the mechanical as well as thermal properties of the cable to deteriorate. Using our additives, high dosage (62-65%) of FR fillers can be incorporated into the compound since it helps in better dispersion while improving the mechanical and thermal properties of the cable.

Triolux ACR – Electron Beam Curable Rubber Cables
Triolux PA – Nylon Sheathing/ Jacketing
Triolux ET – Flexible Loose Tube Compound

Rotlex L30
Triolux ACR
Triolux ET 80
Triolux PA
Triolux VC