Triolux ACR is an acrylic based elastomer compound which has been branched suitably to create a unique polymer structure to suite various application in today’s polymer industry. It is a halogen free compound which exhibits excellent stability against heat & weathering.

Triolux ACR is a nontoxic and low smoke polymer with excellent resistance to fatigue and flex cracks. The presence of the elastomeric phase in Triolux ACR helps in absorption of high levels of FR fillers with better dispersions in various compounds for versatile applications.

Triolux ACR is compatible with most of the elastomers, e.g. Levapren, HNBR, Acrylic, EPDM, NBR, etc. (It should not be used in peroxide curing system). Addition of Triolux ACR helps is processing as well as in product performance especially with Acrylic
elastomer family as below:

  •  High oil & heat aging properties
  •  Good fire properties
  • Highly flex crack / ozone resistant
  • Good weathering properties
  • Both thermoplastic & thermoset type
  • A good overall balance of mechanical, heat, oil, flex, fire properties
  •  Flexibility in recipe design

Better thermal stability helps maintaining mechanical performance over a wide range of temperatures. It typically enhances the tear strength & low temperature properties. In compounds it does not allow the liquid plasticizers to migrate on  the surface of the component & prevents oozing out of the same with imparting better life and long term service.


Triolux ACR can be compounded with other elastomers in all conventional rubber compounding machines like 2-roll mill, kneader, intermix, Banbury. Depending upon the situation one should select either of the compounding sequences:

  •  The elastomer & Triolux are mixed together in the beginning & then addition of chemicals & curatives
  • First make the compound of main elastomer & in the end blend the Triolux
  •  Depending upon the requirement of the product properties a 50/50 blend ratio also works well.


Triolux ACR can be used as a blend with elastomers directly for manufacturing various components like high oil resistant gaskets, seals, hoses, & other molded components.

It can be used as a blend in W&C outer jacketing compound with additional benefits of higher line speed & better surface finish. It extremely works well in Electro Beam curing process especially for the thin wall product. Triolux ACR also help in preventing deformation of the outer layer during storage before curing.

Triolux compounds make low halogen compound for low smoke density & toxicity level. It also modifies various HFFR rubber compounds to improve mechanicals and oil resistance as it can undergo curing by Electro Beam & Amines


Packaging: Triolux grades are supplied in 20 kg bags.

Storage: Triolux should be stored in an adequately ventilated area where it will not be subjected to sunlight or temperatures in excess of 30 ºC. Under these conditions it has a shelf life of at least 8 months