Triolux CR VC is an acrylic based elastomer compound which has been branched suitably to create a unique polymer structure to suite various application in today’s polymer industry. It is a halogen free compound which exhibits excellent stability against heat & weathering. Triolux is a nontoxic and low smoke polymer with excellent resistance to fatigue and flex cracks. The presence of the elastomeric phase in Triolux helps in absorption of high levels of fillers with better dispersions in various compounds for versatile applications.

Triolux gives better stability of mechanical performance over a wide range of temperature; it typically enhances the impact strength at low temperature. Compounds of Rigid PVC and C-PVC modified using Triolux CR VC exhibit excellent performance on various dimensions and also extend operating temperature range.

Triolux CR VC combines many of the most desirable characteristics of high performance polymers to suit the varied requirements of the PVC Industry.

  • Excellent toughness and resilience
  •  Good retention of temperatures at elevated temperatures
  •  Resistant to major chemicals based on hydrocarbons
  •  Improved resistance to oil and solvents
  •  Imparts excellent resistance to creep impact and flex fatigue
  •  Retention of properties at very low temperatures
  • Improvement in surface finish and thus also helps in enhancing the throughput of the polymer

Impact Performance Increases
When incorporated into rigid PVC compounds, Triolux CR VC provides good dart drop impact performance which can be made weatherable. Although effective when used as the primary impact modifier, it can be used with other impact modifiers to balance viscosity, die swell and cost. Triolux CR VC enables customers to make robust PVC products that can compete with more expensive polymers. With Triolux CR VC, unlike traditional acrylic impact modifiers, you can increase filler loading in your rigid PVC compound while maintaining ductile strength. This provides formulators with new opportunities for cost reduction.


  •  Industrial heat resistant pipes
  •  Drainage pipes
  • Joints of power cables
  • Heat resistant sheets and plates
  •  Pipe profiles
  •  Heat resisting industrial flanges
  •  Fittings
  •  Hot water supply and discharge pipes
  •  Covering for outdoor air-conditioning piping
  •  Sprinkler piping
  •  CTS piping


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