Triolux PA is a blend of a group of Ethylene co-polymers with very high level of co-monomer content & Polyester based TPE; a halogen free compound. The melt viscosity of Triolux PA is designed in such a way that it creates a sufficient share during blending/compounding. It is very stable against heat & weathering. Under fire does not give much of smoke & free of toxic gases. It has got very high flex-fatigue resistance.

The presence of the elastomeric phase in Triolux PA helps in absorption of high levels of FR fillers with better dispersions in various compounds for versatile applications. Better stability of mechanical performance over a wide range of temperatures; it typically enhances the impact strength at low temperature.

The exceptional structure of the polymer blend allows the product to disperse as discrete particles in the matrix for modification of PA as well as engineering plastics.


  •  Triolux PA is a very effective modifier for Nylon to improve impact strength
  •  Higher dose level can impart the flexibility to Nylon 6 & 66
  •  Improves the surface finish of filled Nylon component
  •  Improves the melt strength of Nylon & consequently helps in Nylon extrusion
  •  A dose level of 10-30 % can be tried depending upon the applications


  •  Filled Nylon moulded items for Railways, defence, furniture, white goods
  •  Halogen free outer jacketing of power cable for better heat & oil resistance
  •  Outer jacketing for OFC cable
  •  Flexible Pneumatic hoses
  •  Flexible mandrel
  •  As a part or full replacement of Nylon 12 for automotive fuel

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