Roflex LC 350 is a unique alloy of a group of polymers mainly based on ethylene copolymers and elastomers with high end additives to protect the polymers in service against degradation. The recipe of this compound is designed to bring enough comfort in compounding, extrusion of hoses & enhancing the final properties of the product especially for long term services with excellent thermal and weathering resistance.

Application Origin
Since long there is a growing demand for a universal modifier which has the capability to modify both olefins and engineering plastics. Because of the elastomeric phase and a unique structure, the improvement in impact performance is obtained without any major effect on:

  • Flex modulus
  • Heat distortion temperature
  • Thermal stability (up to 350oC)
  • Weatherability

Roflex LC 350 allows its use in any conversion process typically used for engineering resins including extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, calendaring, etc.; it can also be processed on a conventional extruder without hampering the rheology of the virgin and reprocessed polymer and its blends.

Segment Focus

  •  An IMPACT MODIFIER for polyolefins and engineering plastics
  •  A universal compatibilizer for various blends
  •  As a modifier for flame retardant compounds based on various plastics


  •  Sheet extrusion
  •  Molded components (Blow, Injection)
  •  PC, PC/ABS automotive components
  • White goods
  • Furniture
  • PC, ABS, PBT electrical components


  • A good balance among mechanical properties, oil & heat resistance
  •  Better fire safety properties
  • Modifier for polymers like HDPE, PP and also engineering plastics like PBT, PA, PC, ABS, SAN, etc. and its alloys
  • Process ability in conventional equipment


pdf_bigRoflex LC 350