Roflex VNX series of Elastomeric compound is suitably designed to be compatible with many polymers and can also be used to develop compounds for targeted applications and putting them to optimum use. Roflex VNX is particularly good for thermoplastic and poly olefin blends where a balance of flexibility transparency and impact performance is required. Along with unique combination of properties, it gives the capability to modify VNX in various attributes to suite the desired properties of the film & molding industry. Roflex VNX is not only a modifier for virgin polymers but could also be put to use as a modifier of scraps based on olefins for use in film grades, molding grades or extrusion grades.

Roflex VNX when incorporated in to any applications based on resins like PP, PE can lead to stronger, more durable and much better surface finish due to its high flow. Use of Roflex VNX in dry blending or compound for molders enhances a lot of properties and can be made on existing set of equipment.

 – Good feel and slip
– Increases flexibility
– Thin wall opportunities
– Reduces part brakeage
– Increases impact strength
– Increase in the compression modules

Roflex VNX his highly recommended for enhancing properties of blown and cast films based on PP, LDPE, LLDPE,
HDPE and EVA. Improving process flexibility with excellent intrinsic elasticity is one of the most unique properties of Roflex VNX which has made the possibilities of using it into versatile film applications.
Some of them are:

- Extrusion laminated films
– PP cost film
– PP Raffia Tapes
– Blown films
– Enhance sealing properties in BOPP
– Cling films
– Attain excellent adhesion to conventional and Metallocene PE & PP
– Impact tome elasticity in coaxed structures with silky feel and no surface blowing.

Roflex VNX also helps in enhancing the surface and dimensional stability of extruded products its unique
property of giving strength to the products helps the extruders to use scrap for some applications.

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