Is an acrylic based elastomer compound which has been branched suitably to create a unique polymer structure to suite various application in today’s polymer industry. It is a halogen free compound which exhibits excellent stability against heat & weathering.


Triolux 350 is a nontoxic and low smoke polymer with excellent resistance to fatigue and flex cracks. The presence of the elastomeric phase in Triolux 350 helps in absorption of high levels of FR fillers with better dispersions in various compounds for versatile applications.

Better stability of mechanical performance over a wide range of temperatures, it typically enhances the impact strength at low temperature. Triolux 350 enhances the thermal properties of engineering plastics like PBT, PET, PA, PC, etc.

Triolux 350 can be used as a polymer directly for manufacturing various components like high oil resistant gaskets, seals, etc. Act as a very effective modifier for PBT/PET, PA, PC etc. to improve impact strength, dimension stability, overall mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures

With regards to PVC, Triolux plays a very vital role to make compounds for cables and specialty applications where superior mechanical and thermal stability is required. PVC - Triolux compounds make low halogen compound for low smoke density & toxicity level. It also modifies various HFFR rubber compounds to improve mechanicals and oil resistance as it can undergo curing by Electro Beam &


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