Triolux ET 80 is an acrylic based elastomer compound which has been branched suitably to create a unique polymer structure to suite various application in today’s polymer industry. It is a halogen free compound which exhibits excellent stability against heat & weathering. Triolux is a nontoxic and low smoke polymer with excellent resistance to fatigue and flex cracks.

With better stability of mechanical performance over a wide range of temperatures, it also has enhanced impact strength at low temperature. With good physical properties, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, it also has a unique property of fast crystallization. This specialty compound is designed for the use in FTTX (micro module & tight buffer) compound in OFC application.


  •  Halogen Free
  •  Low Smoke & Non – toxic
  •  Low Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion
  •  Easy Tear
  • Very Good Abrasion Resistance
  •  High Heat Distortion Temperature (350°C)
  • Better Low Temperature Flexibility
  •  Increased Di – electric Properties
  •  High Melt Strength
  •  Enhanced Extrusion Processing Characteristics
  •  Very Low Post Extrusion Shrinkage which contributes to reducing optic fiber signal attenuation


Excellent Processing Property

Triolux ET 80 has high melt strength and meets the strict requirement for optic fiber loose tube. Exceptionally, it has improved crystallization and plasticizing property. It is suitable for high speed extrusion.

  •  Low shear viscosity in high extruder screw rpm
  •  Fast plasticizing rate
  • High crystallization temperature and fast crystallization property
  •  High flexural strength and good kink property

Processing Parameters

Resin: Triolux ET 80
Temperature Profile: 150°C – 165°C
Cooling Water Temperature: 20°C
Line Speed: 200m/min

pdf_bigTriolux ET 80