S.CHEMS has developed an engineered mineral fiber as a base ingredient for composite materials produced from high purity minerals, the precisely designed fiber is used as a reinforcing material in a variety of composite end uses including friction material; Quality plastics; paints, selants, coatings and gaskets :

An extensive experience of 15 years serving allied industries like Paints, Friction and Selants with various products from group companies.We have developed these Geowool fibers with Technical know who bought from CANADA . (Name not disclosed under clause of Non disclosure agreement)

Geowool Fibres for:

  • Clutch Facings
  • Railway Brake Blocks
  • Rolled and molded Linings
  • Motor Cycle Pads
  • Commercial and Passenger vehicle disc pads.
With save the environment as a notice S.CHEMS put its first step forward with GEOCELL – CELLULOSE Fibres and now with GEOWOOL – MINERAL FIBRES. Geowool and Geocell are one of import ingredients for replacement of Asbestos composites made of Geowool have various advantages.

  • Stabilized friction Level
  • Reducing Squeal noise
  • Reduced fading
  • Reduced Pad wear
  • Reducing wheel dusting
S.CHEMS has a team of technocrats who have been a part of various industries for more than 25 years and shall be pleased to serve with one new product range with time.