Triolux PA
Triolux PA is a blend of a group of Ethylene co-polymers with very high level of co-monomer content & Polyester based TPE; a halogen free compound. The melt viscosity of Triolux PA is designed in   Read More…!

Triolux VC
Triolux VC is an acrylic based elastomer compound which has been branched suitably to create a unique polymer structure to suite various application in today’s polymer industry.Read More…!

Roflex 30
Roflex 30 is a unique alloy of group of polymers mainly based on ethylene copolymers and elastomers with high end additives to protect the polymers in service against degradation.Read More…!

Geocell G780 
Geocell G780 are highly effective functional cellulose fibres and powders made from speciality developed process of manufacturing fine fibres & a replacement to asbestos.Read More…!