S.Chems & Allied Producers initially set up 2 plants near Mumbai to manufacture SPECIALITY CHEMICALS having applications in Welding Electrodes, Synthetic Adhesives and Textiles Finishing.

With the success of above – the Group ventured into the field of MICRONISED MINERALS setting up the largest plant in India to manufacture ACTIVATED MANGANESE DIOXIDE POWDERS (A.M.D.) for specific use in dry-cell batteries and NATURAL MANGANESE DIOXIDE for other uses. In the course of time, other Micronized Minerals like RED OXIDE & MANGANOUS OXIDE too were added in the product line and finally the Group ventured into taking their own mines & plant for HEMATITE (IRON OXIDE) near Goa with the largest capacity in India to process and market one of the Highest Purity & Highest Specific Gravity materials available anywhere in the world for OIL DRILLING application.
Along with this also came the largest plant at Goa in India having a capacity of 2500 MTPA to manufacture FUSED as well as AGGLOMERATED SUBMERGED ARC WELDING FLUX (S.A.W.) for automatic and continuous welding of LPG Cylinders, Pipes, Pressure Vessels and Automobile Joints.

We (SCAPL- Elastomeric Division) are now extremely proud to get to the industry with a special range of HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMER ADDTIVES and IMPACT MODIFIERS based on Ethylene acrylics. These Impact Modifiers are specially designed to improve the impact strength for polymers like HDPE, LD, PP and also engineering plastics like PC, ABS, PBT, PA etc. and its alloys while improving its mechanical and thermal properties.Some Specialty Modifiers are designed for modification of PVC to create high mechanical property compounds and TPE’s based on PVC. TRIOLUX also has an inherent property to modify PVC based FRLS compounds as it easily disperses into the same with increase in its mechanical properties.

Today the Group has its eight manufacturing sites between CHENNAI, GOA and MUMBAI with a work force of more than 100 personnel and in house R & D centre to continuously upgrade regular product & search for new avenues.